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What Knitters Say About Wren

"I was absolutely delighted with you, your beautiful knitting and of course your entertainment!

Also I am enjoying reading your book. I am a relatively new knitter so I could especially relate to the Chapter on the FROG. I hated to rip. I now know that "to knit is to knit". As I read your book I just love the metaphors you use for life. It is already changing my knitting, and I am not finished reading it  through yet! 

It is interesting that the publisher is Hay House, I am a big fan of Louise Hay and have all of her books. I go back to them frequently. I will be re-reading your book, I just know! Already highlighting that which speaks to me.

Thank you so much for being YOU and coming to entertain us last Friday. You have inspired me!

...I am planning a knitter's tea in the near future and will be playing your CD and reading excerpts from the book. Should be fun."
~Cathy Sydlo


" You are much "Too Marvelous for Words"!  Although I did purchase your CD, I can't wait for our next luncheon.  Thank you."
~Francene H. Barrett

"This is the second time that I am seeing your entertaining performance. Thoroughly enjoyed it."
~Barbara Schweller, LI Knitting Guild 


"Just a note to say how much I loved your part in our luncheon. You are talented and fun.  I just started reading your half of the book and enjoy it greatly..."
~Sandy Maniscalco



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