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Wren is a warm and versatile singer who makes each song an event.

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Performances - Wren Ross

Wren's specialty is creating cabaret performances that blend a wide variety of musical styles. In addition to performing in traditional theatre and club venues, she also creates original shows which fit the themes and needs of organizations, schools and special events.

Wren's cabaret performances range from witty and empowering to more serious topics. One of Wren's latest performances, "The Vilna Ghetto: Songs of Suffering and Hope" showcases Wren's heartfelt tribute to the remarkable cultural activity that arose in the Vilna Ghetto during its two years of existence under Nazi rule under conditions of unimaginable deprivation and suffering.

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Contact Wren Ross by phone at 617-924-SING (7464) or email: wren@wrenross.com
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