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What Students Say

Check out what students have to say about Wren's coaching and workshops! You can also click here to hear some of her students' work.

"One of the best decisions I have made in my entire life was to participate in a voice over workshop run by Wren Ross! It not only confirmed my ambition to become a voice over actor, but gave me the confidence, technique and ability to realize a dream of mine. In addition to the workshop which explored different areas of voice acting, Wren encouraged me to attend her acting classes, which have proved invaluable! They gave me the opportunity to explore and discover the many facets of acting, and how important it is to employ the tools and techniques I learned, towards voice acting. Add to that, the full day voice over Booth Camp, which provided another opportunity to practice at the mic, get crucial feedback, and meet a fabulous group of producers that gave valuable insight into the world of voice acting.

Wren doesn't just teach. She listens, inspires, encourages and reaches into your inner soul, pulling out the energy and creativity you didn't think you had. I am honored to have begun my voice acting journey with Wren, and hope to continue to learn and be inspired by such a generous and gifted mentor."
Kathleen England
Voice Actor

"Wren Ross was an indispensable resource at the start of my voiceover career. Her instruction and demo production helped me hit the ground running in the New York market, and were instrumental in landing my first agent."
Chris Flockton
Voice Over Talent

"Wren Ross is the kind of teacher who has the gift of helping her students find their gifts."
Stephen Cook
Unitarian Universalist Minister

"I studied with Wren for over a year, and have attended many of her classes and 'Success Network' groups. Wren has taught me the art and craft of voice acting in a warm, supportive, (always) fun way.
She has given me sincere and honest feedback--always offered with sensitivity--that has helped me 'find my voice(s).' I recently had an audition that went very well, and it like Wren was in the room with me! I have used my voice professionally for several decades, but I have to say that my work with Wren has had a dramatic and positive impact on my ability to communicate even more effectively."
Jerome Schultz
Clinical Neuropsychologist, Author and Voice Actor

"Wren's joyful, wildly creative approach to the work is infectious, and she develops such warm, supportive relationships with her students that we trust her implicitly, so much so that we are not afraid to take whatever risks are necessary to bring the script to life. Wren never lets an actor forget that he is engaged in play, that the work lives when we give ourselves over to it. That lesson has enabled me to do the best work I’ve done in years. Studying with Wren was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as an actor. I recommend her to anyone interested in bringing his or her work to a whole new level."
John Haag

“Voice artistry is not a career easily pursued. The path can feel elusive and its direction uncertain unless one secures the guidance, coaching, and expertise required to begin the journey.

Having taken courses with Wren Ross over a span of some years, I was familiar with her talent as both an artist and teacher. When finally, I felt ready to take the plunge into creating a voice-over and narration demo, I knew without a doubt, that Wren would serve as the most effective advocate I could secure.

Wren’s style is gorgeously unabashed and thoroughly therapeutic. She guides and encourages her students to unearth their most genuine performances and celebrates each step and success with them. There is no talk of ‘pace, punch, or pitch…’ instead, Wren offers her students an abundant and rich yarn which they can weave into a tapestry of their own choosing. Students of Wren Ross do not simply learn to mark-up and deliver a page of text; they sing, dance, and leap through life’s “sprinklers” unfettered.

I believe wholeheartedly that Wren’s instruction, encouragement, and honest assessment of what can hold a voice back, resulted in some of my best performances to date. I now have a series of samples that I am confident effectively showcase my abilities and range. Additionally, I have a metal toolkit containing Wren’s encouragements that I can access when recording in the booth and working in the field.

As a participant in her “Booth Camp,” a recipient of her one-on-one coaching services, an audience member of her Success Network panels, and a very satisfied voice-over demo client, I unequivocally recommend Wren Ross as a guide to finding your most authentic voice.”
Sara K. Sheckells, Owner
Sara Sounds Voice Artistry

"If you are seeking a life changing experience in your voice over career, work and play with Wren Ross. She will help you articulate your gifts while working through any blocks with compassion and humor.
Wren is devoted to helping students achieve their potential... while having fun! I highly recommend creating a demo with her.”
Judie Yuill
Newscaster/Reporter WGBH Radio

"Wren is a gifted instructor. So intuitive and able to think of suggestions on the spot, not to mention she make everyone feel safe trying anything out. Wow. That is magic."
Rosi Amador
English/Spanish Voice Actor

"Wren Ross is an amazing voice over and acting coach and teacher. My experience with Wren ranges from 1-1 voice over coaching to participation in her hands-on classes and Success Network. Her creative instincts are brilliant when she chooses music to inspire the student to explore and express their character’s emotions. She spontaneously crafts directions for you that spur you to break through your inhibitions.

I am thankful that I recently overcame my own resistance when Wren invited me to enroll in her Monologues class. Throughout the five weeks of classes, Wren continued to encourage me to break through my own barriers to self-expression. The exciting result was my discovery of skills and talents that I never knew I had!
Wren’s creative gifts in coaching, guiding, instructing and directing, while supporting you the whole way through, are second to none!"
Martin Pierce
Voice Actor

"I just wanted to thank Wren again for everything, all the guidance and words of wisdom that have truly transformed my world and my career as I know it, the recommendations and incredible connections. I'm so grateful. She share so much positive, grounding energy that just permeates the room. Watching the other students change and improve during the course of this class was as amazing as experiencing it myself. And I can't believe that I booked a film role and a commercial the second week of class!!"
Audrey Tesserot
Voiceover, Yoga, Artist

"I really loved the audition class. I can't believe how much less nervous I was for the auditions with the producers last week—all because of looking at it differently, the way Wren suggested. It truly was fun for me."
Lisa White

"Wren Ross has an incredible gift in her ability to get you to “be in the moment” and “present” by working with you on developing character backstories and using behavior analysis. Her methods and style of teaching are so effective and supportive, that you can’t help but feel empowered to do great work when you leave each session. When I first spoke to Wren about working with me, I didn’t know Jack about voice acting. Since working with her, I’ve learned all about Jack, his sister Jill, their dysfunctional family, why they were going up a hill to get water, the fight they had at lunch the day before, and what happened at the hospital after Jack had his fall. Whatever your degree of voice acting proficiency may be, Wren Ross can help you take it to the next level – and then some."
Andy Hupprich
Voice Actor

"Wren is a marvel; she knows exactly what to do with you, so that you can maximize your talents. The Narration Master Class saved me months of practice. Wren gets to the source of whatever it is that blocks you from going to the next level in your voice! Wren is enthusiasm and she truly understands the art of the human condition."
Lisa Stigliano
Medical Esthetician

"What a blast! Wren's Acting Intensive class was well worth it. Wren's fun teaching style encourages risk taking and experimentation in a safe collaborative environment. Boy did we laugh! Through improvisation and instruction I discovered how to tap into the real emotion behind the words which makes the difference between a good and great performance. Plus it was fabulous to learn from others. Thank you for a wonderful and enlightening experience. Well worth it."
Kate Sample
Boston Brit Voice

"Athletes work out, actors rehearse - what do reporters and anchors do to work on their craft... it's one thing to read the papers and follow the news, but Wren helped me tap into the heart of what we do - we connect people to people - we are messengers. We are part of the fabric linking a community. And in helping me find the purpose she helped me find my voice. THAT IS WHAT WREN DOES: she isn't just a voice-coach she is a YOUR-voice coach. She will work with you to discover what makes you tick, what your goals are, and help you become the most honest, grounded, true to yourself performer or communicator you can possibly be. Working with Wren helped me find MY voice - my unique and true self, and once that happened I could truly feel what I was reading again. She helped me block out all the extraneous stuff, the teleprompter, the lights, and hone right into the actual story - the people - the emotion. It's almost magic - what she does. I would suggest her to anyone and everyone who uses words and voice to communicate a story or information, or anyone who simply wants to get in better touch with themselves. I left our sessions feeling refreshed and reenergized. She provided tools that can be tapped into long after the sessions are over - exercises I pass on to others in my field, that work every time. Wren, thank you."
Sorboni Banerjee
Anchor, Channel 7, WHDH TV

"I've had classes with some of the other coaches over the years, and I have come away feeling that they just want to sell you a dream. Their ultimate goal is not to make you a more skilled artist, but to sell you that next package. The reason I continue to take the workshops and classes with Wren is because they are SO MUCH FUN! The end result is that I have learned some valuable skills, and I feel so much more confident in front of an audience. She has done such a wonderful job of making it, not about the "win," but about giving it your best shot and having fun doing it. I think that the reason she has been so successful with her students is because she has the heart of a teacher and not a salesman. I'm thankful she's in my corner!"
Holly Miller
Voice Actor

"I can highly recommend classes with Wren Ross. She is an excellent teacher and director of talent. She is the real deal...an actual sucessful, professional voice talent, who produces and directs audio in addition to being a gifted and popular teacher. She is the only teacher in Boston that I would consider studying with."
Jill Jacobson
Voice Over Artist

“Attending Wren’s Workshop was an incredible experience. Wren does not only teach you how to express yourself in your unique way; she guides you to reconnect with your own soul and feel your presence as a harmonious piece of the universe.”
Vassiliki Rapti
Author and Poet

"Working with Wren is so much more than just vocal training. Her coaching goes far beyond what most other voice coaches offer. Wren was able to amplify the qualities of my speaking and creative voices while helping me make peace with the other voices in my mind that constantly whispered doubt and defeat. Thanks to Wren, I'm a much more creative and confident actor. After working with her, I finally feel like an artist."
Kevin Brodeur
Teacher and Voice Over Actor


"If I could have imagined my ideal teacher, coach, and mentor; created her out of clay, painted her, or written a play about her, I would have created Wren. She is so generous, kind, quirky, inventive, always professional, full of vim and delight in life, and thoroughly grounded in human psychology. She's a human lightning rod of creativity, energizing all of us lucky enough to get to work with her. She watches intently and zeroes in on just the idea to try in a scene, or just the method you need to improve a reading. She asks you to go places in your scenes that you would never have thought of, and sometimes might not want to visit, but if you take the challenge, you find insights into yourself and your character that you never would have imagined. In her acting classes, I feel that I've bought season tickets to the best show in town, as we students stretch and find the hilarious and tragic essence of our characters. She helped me not only find and train my voice to make a demo that I love, she helped me get past that inner critic that we all have, the one that stops us from expressing our true selves. Through her playful methods, I was able to tame the beast, and find whole new levels of authenticity in my work. She's absolutely in your corner, rooting for your best self, your truest performance. I constantly pinch myself about how lucky I am to have found a teacher like Wren."
Jessica Garrett,
Voice Artist, Educator, Author & Editor

"Through her classes and private coaching, using her unique, fun methods, Wren Ross has helped opened the door to my creativity, my confidence, my personal voice, not just with voice-over work, but also in my singing. Working with different types of copy helped me see the range of work available. Having classes at a recording studio got me more comfortable in the booth. But Wren's spot-on critique, wise suggestions, and gentle encouragement, are how I became able to easily create authentic, natural sounding reads. I love how my demo CD turned out!  I highly recommend Wren's classes and coaching for anyone who wants to get serious about (but still have tons of fun with) voice-overs."
Jill Goldman
Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist & Voice Over Artist

"Thanks entirely to Wren and the audition class I took with her, I was booked for a recording job for Soundscape. Due to Wren's class, I knew what to do when they asked me to send them a recording of some test sentences, and I was able to do it promptly, since we had done other recordings from home for class. If I had not had that practice learning how to make a recording from home and turning it over quickly, it would have been a mad scramble for me to figure it out, and I could have lost the job.

Not only that, but I have every confidence that when I get to the studio I will know what to do and will be able to handle everything professionally, again due to the practice we had each week in Wren's class.

I thank Wren for her help and all the opportunities her class has given those of us who were lucky enough to study with her. Here's hoping there will be even more voiceover work in future!"
Lis Adams
Actress and Voice Over Artist

"Wren Ross is a phenomenal teacher – she provides precise technical skills training and, just as important, helps you open (or re-open) your creative wellspring and let it flow!! With Wren I learned how to be more prepared and how to have fun in any audition…which has meant instant positive results: more appointments, more callbacks and more casting! A great, fun, way to refocus and get creative, no matter what your field of endeavor."
Carol Drewes
Actress and Fundraiser

"Wren brings a tremendous amount of feeling and sincerity to her workshop. I was originally afraid the class would be another instance of one more person in the industry just trying to make a buck off of people or that she was doing this because she couldn't work in the industry herself. Once you meet here and take her class you will realize right away her honest and sincere love for voice work, but even more her love and talent for helping others find their voice. It can be a very daunting task to open oneself to criticism and to perform in front of others, but Wren builds a very postive and supportive environment. She will be honest about how and where improvement is needed, but always with a supportive and constructive advice. I can't recommend her strongly enough. Anyone interested in voice work should talk to Wren."
Tom Treat

"Although I had already done some narration work, after I started working with Wren, I realized that I could be so much better as a narrator. Wren helped me find a much more authentic voice, and a much deeper connection to my listener. I’m extremely happy with the way my demo turned out, and I feel a new confidence as I begin looking for work. Plus the entire process was unexpectedly delightful!"
Jill Singer
Voice Over Actor & Producer, Chedd-Angier-Lewis Productions

"Making a demo is a big committment. There is much more to it than just grabbing a few scripts and stepping into a studio. Wren takes a holistic approach so that you can identify your goals and set a proper course to get there. Wren is wonderful at helping you explore every corner of your voice to determine your strengths - and even opportunities for development - to help you build your demo, brand, and business. She made the studio experience fun and enjoyable and the final demo was amazing with tasteful production. Again, it's not 'just a demo' - it's an experience, support, and advocacy. Thank you Wren!"
Cameron Thomas
Voice Over Actor

"Working with Wren has truly been amazing! Wren has a unique way of helping people find new levels in their performances... She creates a safe and open environment that allows performers to grow and fine-tune their skills in ways that far exceed expectations. Wren has not only helped me to improve my skills and increase my confidence, but most importantly, she has reminded me how much fun the work can be! Thanks Wren!"
Jenn Shea

"The time spent in group and one-on-one sessions with Wren has helped me to achieve my goal of learning the skills necessary to enter the voice over industry. Wren is an excellent instructor, and she has a gift for bringing out the best in you during her fun, interactive classes. Her production of my voice over demo surpassed my high expectations. If you are interested in getting involved with voice overs, I feel as though taking a class with Wren is a must."
Rick Grubb
Physical Therapist

"Wren's knowledge, enthusiasm and humor brought the world of Voice Over alive to our students as an art and as alternative career choice."
Fran Charnas
Professor, Boston Conservatory of Music

"I've had some exercises working with commercial material in two previous acting courses, and no one has come close to inspiring me the way Wren did, both in getting me as excited about working with this kind of material and treating the material as a serious acting opportunity. I was amazed at how she was able to get my classmates and me to understand and deliver the subtext of the scripts. And Wren did this all through play--through teaching us not to take ourselves seriously,she got us to perform the text seriously and convincingly. I don't think that I've ever laughed so much in an acting class."
Kelly Cook
English Teacher and Actress

"The word alchemy comes to mind when I think of my experiences in Wren's classes. Her exercises feel almost magical in the way they unearth an inner you, the you that listeners will be able relate to. And to get you there, she quickly and accurately assesses each student's needs, pulling out of her hat just the right exercise for them. The exercises are fresh, unpredictable, and sometimes funny (and that's how you may feel about yourself, too!). It didn't feel like she was getting you to 'act'. Rather, you will learn how the voice can often cast a warm, congenial spell. You will surprise and maybe even amaze yourself."
Kathy Zerlin

"I took one of Wren's classes when I first moved to Boston. Her class was a blast. And how great is it to do something that's both functional and lots of fun? What I remember most about the class was that she gave us different perspectives on many reads. It was a great workout."
Perry Persoff
Voiceover Actor & Broadcast Media Professional

"Wren is the best! From her years of acting and voiceover experience, Wren teaches you how to read and interpret copy. She develops your timing, diction, and emotional delivery. Wren helps you find your voice and teaches you how to make a connection with the copy and thus the listener. I highly recommend Wren's classes to anyone interested in pursuing a career in Voiceovers. Wren creates a comfortable and safe environment in which to hone your voiceover skills. After taking one of her classes, you'll be ready to record your demo, audition, and win voiceover jobs! "
Sean Teare
Voiceover Artist

"I thoroughly enjoyed Wren Ross and her Voice Over class, both the
4-week session and her one day workshop. She is an amazing communicator and talent and you instantly connect with her and learn. Her positive reinforcement is a wonderful way to bring out the inner child in each of us and such a blessing to have that type of energy to leverage our individual talents. I enjoyed her classes and style so much I am working with Wren now as my 'Creative Coach.' She is the best!"
Darby Hobbs
Consultant, Asset Mgmt. Industry

"Wren brings out the best in you! She teaches with great energy that transfers easily to her students. During her classes, she turns on your creative juices and brings new dimension to your voice – Wren keeps you growing in this field!"
Laura Dill
Fundraiser and Voice Over Actor

"I can't say how much I appreciate taking the time with Wren for VO coaching. It's really been a rare treat to work with someone as sensitive, tuned-in and professional as Wren. I really feel I'm making progress and gaining confidence while having good fun, and I thank her for that experience."
Chris Carden

"Wren's class was fabulous! It was even more than I anticipated and she was so patient and encouraging! I learned so much and cannot wait to pursue this further with Wren's guidance! "
Annetta Hunter

"What a supportive environment in which to take risks! Thanks so much for the opportunity to 'play.'"
Lynn Devitt

"Wren Ross is as gifted a voiceover coach as she is a voiceover artist. And that's saying something! You can't be shy in front of the microphones. She shows you how to become the character and how to blow your inhibitions through the ceiling. The lessons I've learned in my sessions with Wren have served me well in many areas of my career. Expect a big return on investment with Wren. Simply put, she's great."
Mark Wile
Voice & Voiceover Producer, Worth Wile Productions

"I have participated in several of Wren's voice over and acting classes. Her boundless energy is engaging and contagious. She takes the industry norms and adds her unique brand of creativity and before you know it you are stretching way beyond where you thought your limit was. Wren truly cares for her students and their success. I am more confident in my abilities and it is showing up in the results of my overall business building efforts and more specifically in my audition results. I will continue to work with Wren as I wind my way through this industry and I encourage others to do the same."
Christine Marie

"I have been taking Wren's voice-over workshops since 1997. Each time I have learned more and always had plenty of fun. The classes were never critical and always positive. I always looked forward to my next class. The classes were small and allowed for plenty of interaction with Wren and my classmates. I can't wait until the next class."
Sam Woods

"I loved every minute of Wren’s class. Wren’s seamless ability to move us in a more focused direction that matched our personalities was exquisite. As a vocal coach, I know how important that strength is - for each student to come into his or her own as individuals. Her gift to play and to "let go" made it so much easier for my creative expansion. I absolutely love the way she 'works?' (I use that term lightly)."
Music Vocal/Theory Coach

"Wren's class was both fun and informative.  She has a way of putting you at ease and helping you understand the material that makes the time spent a tremendous experience.  I can't wait for her next class."
Tom Gosselin
Connectivity Engineer at Verisign

"Taking a voice over class from Wren is explosive! It's a class not only for the beginner but also for the experienced actor.  She reads people very well, pushes them to the limit and magically knows how to pull from you what is hidden deep inside.  I highly recommend taking one of her classes, even bring a friend, trust me, you'll go back for more."
Gisele Ganz

"Wren Ross's enthusiasm during her Voice Booth Camp workshop really encouraged me to focus more intensely on my pursuit of voice work. She guided the class with helpful advice and smiles. Her methods caused instant improvement in the students' delivery of copy in just a few tries. I very much enjoyed this class. It was a worthwhile investment in my growth as a voice actor and a great way to meet others involved in the industry."
Berlynn (MAViiiN)
Multimedia Producer

“Wren’s Booth Camp was a wonderful, power-packed and fun-filled day. I loved how personal and intimate it was, how well the personality of the group worked, how generous and genuine Wren was. The panel of professionals she assembled for us was an invaluable bonus.”
Cindy Newell

"In Wren's Voice Over Booth Camp you work as a group as well as practice individual technique. Wren is there every step of the way to coach and leverage each teaching opportunity. In addition, there's nothing like performing in front of others. In the real world who knows who might be in the session; clients, producers, engineers so it's a great way to get comfortable in front of the mic while others look on. Plus the opportunity to meet real producers and casting directors is invaluable. Yes these are real people - mystery solved! Like anyone they want to work with talented professionals who can be relied upon to deliver. A great class for both newcomers and more experienced trainees."
Kate Sample

"Wren understands what it takes to get actors to do their best work. Her years of working in this industry gives her priceless gifts as a teacher. After having studied with her, two things are for sure: Wren knows her craft, and one can only benefit from that."
Derek Stearns
Host of DIY Network's "Rock Solid" and "Indoors and Out"

"Wren's classes are always full of positive surprises. Although there is a structure behind them, there is a lot of room for spontaneity, spur-of-the-moment teachings and experimentation. We reflect on insights from previous sessions and get our one-on-one as well as group feedback and discussions about each character presentations and have a chance to try out anything we come up with. I had many Aha-moments in Wren's classes and realized how creating specific and full characters is fundamental to not only acting but also to writing stories and scripts, to voice-over work and even dance. I wholeheartedly recommend Wren's class to anyone who likes to or needs to create compelling characters."
Sybille Rex
Scientist and Artist

"One essential reality of acting is that there is always another way to approach a scene, a character, or a reading. Wren enables her students to discover and explore this reality for themselves in a way that is very supportive, yet challenging. In class, she brings her deep knowledge and experience to bear in a way that allows everyone to make progress on their craft, wherever their starting point may be. You will not find a better teacher or coach than Wren Ross!"
Tim Corbett
Historical Interpreter

"Here's what I have gotten from Wren's "Creating Character Class": I have learned to dig a bit deeper - find the truthful complexities and rich meanings behind the choices I make - while being completely authentic and present. Not to be afraid of the silence and to allow the moment to affect me in a profound way.
Thank you Wren for holding such a beautiful class and allowing us to explore our authentic selves!
This class is a safe place that allows the actor to explore meaningful moments."
Kim Wilson
Voice Over Actor

"Wren's approach is the first one I've tried that makes real sense. It really works. You're not just learning lines but getting inside the character, and yourself, to find a person who's already there, just waiting to come out."
Rachael Rosner
Writer and Actor

"Wren is a teacher among teachers. Her fun 'bag of tricks,' are invaluable to evolving acting technique. Wren's powers of perception, script analysis and generosity are unparalleled. Her direction to not only 'be yourself,' but insistence on why it's the brilliant acting choice has resulted in more bookings. Many thanks!"
Liz Solar
Voice Over Artist

"I have now taken several classes with Wren and in addition to having lots of fun, I've learnt so much! I have a clear understanding of the industry I'm getting into, how to get work and most importantly how to get paid. I like the fact that Wren really takes the time to develop the student's abilities by using creative exercises. I would recommend her classes to anyone who is looking to pursue a career in voice over."
Nicolla Worrell

"I have had an opportunity to take both private coaching sessions and a public voice acting class with Wren Ross this year. I cannot say enough about the creative process that Wren exposed me to and helped me work with.

We did creative work in class which provided a learning encounter that was totally experiential.  This went beyond traditional learning to cultivating one’s innate knowledge of their unique vocalization.  

Wren’s enthusiasm and ability to create an atmosphere of esprit de corps made for a fun learning environment. Not only was I able to learn how to develop my vocal expression but I was able to be depthful and insightful in sharing my feedback with other students.  Under Wren’s direction everyone who brought something to the class was able to add much to the group dynamic."
Lisa Ann Schraffa

"I am so thrilled that I had the opportunity to take this workshop. Besides having fun and a great time, I found Wren's sharp perceptions valuable to bring out my true, centered self and voice. Thank you."
Karen Sachetti
Art Therapist

"Fantastic class! I learned a lot, a lot, a lot!"
Pat Stedry
Music Teacher

"Thanks for the opportunity to practice again! I found Wren's commentary extremely helpful to breathe life into the words, build the relationship and have fun!"
Chris Conte

"Having recently completed an extended course with Wren, I can truly say that new vistas were discovered!! Her classes are dynamic, enjoyable and certainly packed with creative and useful exercises, as well as "insider" information that she freely shares. Wren's style is unique and the environment is definitely supportive. She manages to challenge you with a zesty combination of "spunk" and genuine warmth.

You definitely "grow" and stretch your abilities as she gets you to think "outside" of the box, so when you venture into the business of voice-over, you're prepared for the unexpected! A delightful experience."
Linda J. Paquin
Executive Administrative Assistant

"Wren gets wonderful results from her students with her combination of knowledge, smarts, warmth and humor. She creates a safe place to open up and explore what you want to and can do. I have not sang in public for years and struggled with stage fright. Within a few classes I was on fire with confidence and back onstage, and I credit the course for this breakthrough.

I also think that people who need to speak publicly in their careers and want to create better presentations would benefit from Wren's class. It is supportive, confidenc building and fun, with applications far beyond pure voice-over work."
Jeff Onore
Executive Recruiter

"Wren Ross’ classes are awesome! Every time I attend one of her classes or workshops, I learn something new. Whether it is a technique for allowing your natural voice to shine, or a lesson for mentally getting out of your way and truly expressing the emotion or idea behind the words, all her lessons are gems. Wren classes address the things that make any vocal delivery special.

The classes are engaging and, provocative. I was so impressed by Wren’s generous teaching style. As soon as class begins she offers techniques for better voice acting or techniques for marketing yourself as a voiceover artist. . I was enthralled by the energetic (yet somehow still) calm pace of the class. Everyone in the class was remarkably improved, just using Wren’s techniques in the first few moments of class I gained invaluable knowledge about the voiceover industry."
Joanne Daley

"You may have taken a class in the past but you haven’t taken Wren’s. With unmatched energy, passion and enthusiasm, she gives you insight in to what is unique, important and meaningful about each type of copy and shows you how to bring it to life with your "natural voice". You don’t have time to be nervous and once you do just one of her exercises, you won’t ever feel nervous again. And once you do one of her classes, you won’t be able to wait for your next audition. Wren gets you ready to get started, get better, get good, get auditions, get jobs and get on having fun with your voice. Immediately after taking Wren's workshop, I had the most effective and enjoyable audition ever, at ironically, my biggest audition, ever. The feeling alone of walking out of that room was worth every penny."
Scott Palmer
Voice Over Actor

"I thank Wren for her great instruction. I'd never have believed that such simple excercises could improve each of us in a couple of minutes. There's some genius in that. I must also say that there wasn't a person in class whom I couldn't imagine hearing on the air, especially after her instruction. Not a wasted second in this class. Full of information and inspiration. Exactly what I wanted. 100 percent endorsement from me."
Peter Lake
Real Estate Broker

"Having attended Wren's voice over class, I learned more about her incredible talents. Her students admire and respect her and because of her enthusiasm, their self-confidence went through the roof. I hope to see many of them at my auditions."
Julie Arvedon

"The value from Wren’s workshops is tremendous. With just a few suggestions, she can make any reading sound better. Wren tunes your ear, your mind, and your heart to what voice acting is all about. And it’s great fun, too."
Terrence Drula
Writer & Voice Actor

"What impressed me the most about Wren was her seemingly unflagging patience and energy. You’d think that such a small bird would tire quickly, but she does not. This is no “Be A Voice Over Artist In 1 Hour Or Less” class. Have no misconceptions, Wren’s VO program is based on her years working in the VO trenches. As a result of her perseverance and guidance you leave her tutelage and head out into the VO world ready to shine. In your possession, is the BEST possible demo that you could have to represent yourself with, or to attract a prospective client with.
For me personally, Wren helped me do what I didn’t think was possible. She helped me find and bring out, not the VO voice I THOUGHT I should have, but my TRUE voice that was hidden in there all of the time."
Mike "The Mic" Jablon
Voice Over Artist

"I knew from the first few minutes-- this workshop was going to be good! After 25 years as a news anchor and reporter I am very familiar with the broadcasting world. But the voice over business is new territory and Wren Ross is a knowledgeable and creative guide. She encouraged me to take risks and am I glad I did. I love her attitude-- that this should be fun and your voice should be authentic. Wren came highly recommended by other professionals and I can see why. I can't wait to continue my training with her."
Margie Reedy Larkin
Voice Over Artist

"Recently I had an opportunity to attend a "booth" camp with Wren. I walked in brand new, full of wonder and curiosity - but I walked out knowing I wanted to do voice over, and knew Wren would be the right person to pull the curtain back and show me a world of fun and potential. There were several classmates with obvious talent and experience who read their copy very well. Wren introduced a number of techniques and these experienced readers became certain VO professionals right before my eyes. When it was my turn, my first time - Wren coached me to the point that I was no longer "Ken", but I was now "the actual DORITOS guy". The icing was the panel discussion with actual Producers - how nice to know what you need for the interview before going on the interview! Full of wisdom and famous quotes, Wren's a firecracker of fun. Loved the experience. Can't wait to get back in the booth and cut my demo!"
Ken Mosher

"Wren's Voice Over Booth Camp class was electric! She provided a dynamic and safe environment for us to learn new voice over techniques while having a lot of fun. We gained a whole new sense of confidence as we worked and (laughed) our way throughout the day. The skills we took away were priceless - and they strengthened my ability as a voice actor. Thanks Wren!"
Kim Wilson
Voice Over Artist

"I've been to a military boot camp with all the marching, drills and protocol--learning the basics before embarking upon a career. Wren's "Booth Camp" provided all the basics of voiceover--thankfully without the yelling and lousy uniforms! While I have been doing voiceovers for a little while, I'm still relatively new and always striving to learn more. Wren provided even deeper insight to what I've already learned and her course provided a perfect balance of mic-time and industry know-how. A big question for new voice talents is industry protocol so the producer panel helped bridge that gap, providing first-hand knowledge of the critical do's and don'ts of talent/producer relations--I felt that was one of the most valuable aspects to Wren's course. I highly recommend her Booth Camp for novice and pro alike and I look forward to working with her again soon!"
Cameron Thomas
Voice Over Talent

"I attended a "Booth Camp" with Wren Ross and in one day discovered that everything I thought I knew I have to learn again. Wren is insightful,
selfless, and brilliant. She has the uncanny ability to discover in you what you think you have and zero in to allow you to overcome doubt, shyness or just plain fear so you gain confidence as you learn from someone who does not just "teach" but is vibrant in the industry . This is fun, informative and will shape your career future..I will be going back..."
Richard Congelosi
Actor and Host of "American Jukebox"

"The art, craft and business (or abc's) of voiceover work in one
workshop? You would think that impossible, but it's true with Wren
Ross's Voiceover Booth Camp. She covers all of that and more and
finds the fun in the process. Wow! Thanks Wren."
Cynthia Neil

"Shakespeare has always been intimidating for me, so when Wren announced that she would be teaching a Shakespeare class, I was very hesitant to take it. It was her enthusiasm about the class that convinced me to sign up.

For me, the language was the most intimidating part of Shakespeare, and at first it was difficult to fully understand my monologue. Wren helped me to go beneath the language and dive into the meaning and intent of the play. It was only when I studied the character of Portia and her relationship to her husband Brutus, that I could fully appreciate the genius of Shakespeare.

This class has helped me grow tremendously as an actress. More than anything, I learned that your character is so much more that the words written on the page. More than anything, I learned that authors of plays intentionally selected their words, and you must fully understand your character in order for those words to come to life."

Holly Miller
Educator and Voice Actor

"To me, the thought of doing Shakespeare, and doing it justice, was like playing a game of horse against Larry Bird or pond hockey against Bobby Orr – an intimidating undertaking to say the least. Just the idea of trying to understand the language had me quivering in my pantaloons.

When you surround yourself with talented people – no matter what the endeavor, you can’t help but become better yourself. Wren Ross amplified that effect in her Acting Shakespeare class. By breaking the language and character behavior down through various fun and creative collaborative exercises, the themes and messages in Shakespeare’s works showed their timeless relevance and the language became comprehensible.

Another positive outcome from taking the Acting Shakespeare class was that it helped me to lower my apprehension about portraying different types of characters. Under Wren’s tutelage, my understanding of Shakespeare has led to an increase in self-confidence that’s definitely carried itself forward in my work since then, and has been evident from the positive feedback that I’ve received since taking the class."

Andy Hupprich
Voice Actor

"Wren’s Shakespeare Monologue Class was a unique opportunity to explore the work of the Bard from the perspective of one character; to learn that character’s back story and to slip into her world, her experiences, her motivations and emotions. It was also an opportunity to wrap the tongue around Shakespeare’s words, to taste the richness of his poetry. Wren made the whole process fun and exciting. She helped us approach the challenges of working on material from Shakespeare with a sense of eagerness. She helped us reach into our depths and pull out our best work. Wren helps us all stretch and grow in the practice of our craft."

Cindy Newell
Massage Therapist and Voice Actor

"How can I say how exciting it was to be a part of Wren' class?. It was not only educating, but also inspiring. She brought out the very best in us and helped us to discover our hidden selves. Wren made us realize that the most important thing was to have fun and enjoy what we are doing. This is a lesson that applies to all facets of our lives, not just voiceover."
Bob Jolton

“One of the biggest revelations for me during the class was that I didn't need to be ‘professional announcer dude’ to do voice overs effectively. In fact, it's better if you just forget all about that.
It's not about trying to be "professional" or putting on a performance; it's about relaxing and being yourself, using your unique style, and learning to empathize with one listener.”
Chris Brown
Voice Over artist

"Wren's Booth Camp was a blast! The class size was small, which provided for more one-on-one instruction and greater participation. Even though I had previous experience as a radio announcer, I was still able to learn new techniques from Wren and the other attendees. If I can offer one negative, it's that the time we all spent together went much too fast!"
Russ Mann

"Wren is an amazing coach! I took her Voiceover seminar, and private
lessons with her. I had never done any voiceover work, but after working with her i fell in love with the business. She makes it fun! And you walk out with so much knowledge about acting, and about life. I would recommend Wren to anyone who wants to break into the acting world. I feel like such a better actress after working with her. Thank you so much Wren, your such a great coach, and a great person!"
Julie Cain
Actress and Voiceover

"Wren's excellent demo prep workshop really gave me an understanding as to the process of moving forward into the voice over industry. It was an incredible, safe, fun, informational, and growing experience! Wren is a gracious, empathetic, and inspiring person to learn from. I was really excited when I came home because I felt interested and energized to start myself on this journey. It has always been a dream of mine to use my voice in my career. I am thankful for all I have learned from Wren."
Krista Veenema, Teacher

"Wren's voice over course was very informative and helpful and it gave me a strong sense of what I will need to do in order to enter the industry. Voice over is definitely something I hope to pursue down the road. I am very thankful for Wren's insight."
Sean Barnacoat, Student

"Just attended Wren Ross's "Booth Camp" one day seminar. What a terrific experience. We started out with individual presentations in a professional sound studio with scripts chosen by Wren for us. Some were singles, some two part. This was a great opportunity to be heard by our peers as well as critiqued by Wren. With just a few suggestions from her,each of us felt we were able to improve on the script the second time we recorded it.

This was followed up by Wren bringing in 5 producer/directors who each gave us valuable information
on how the VO process works and their individual criteria for what they looked for in a VO submission.
They also gave us great information on the hiring process. This was followed up by an open Q & A session with them. Their input was extremely valuable to all of us.

The final portion of the day was devoted to the marketing side of the business and Wren was most generous with her suggestions and general information on this important subject.

I am sure that all of us who attended the "Booth Camp" came away with a better understanding of the entire process of VO work from start to finish.

I would highly recommend that anyone interested in this type of work should attend one of Wren's upcoming workshops. It will be time and money well spent."
Bernie Hutchens

"I have been trying to further my VO career for many years now, but often feel the conviction I have speaking on a variety of subjects in my personal life does not come through in my reads. After working with Wren, I have learned how the simple act of defining my audience, defining the event and singing my way through copy (!) can create a read that is personal, alive and compelling. "
Lauri Rivka
Actress & Voiceover Artist

"Aside from the fact that Wren is a professional of the highest caliber and an extremely flexible voice-over artist, she is also a wonderful, compassionate teacher. She's been there, she understands her students' anxieties related to being a voice-over artist. But when she began class by saying, 'You have a right to do this.', I thought to myself, 'Yes, and I'm going to do it with Wren's help.' "
Jessica Peck

"I had such a wonderful time at Wren's demo prep workshop learning what the voice-over business was really about, and now I can't be more sure that it's for me! For years now, I have been so excited to become a voice-over artist. Ever since I was very young I would play with different voices, accents, and characters as a source of entertainment for others and especially for myself. However, recently I have been more nervous than excited about doing voice-overs. I'm getting closer to the time when I will have to make a living out of it, and I can't tell you how scared I've been. But after taking Wren's class, I remembered why I was so excited about it in the first place. I realize that it truly is a serious profession and art form. I left the class practically giddy with excitement! Now I just want to get started as soon as possible!"
Katie Semine

Wren's Voice Over class is thoughtful and inspiring. Her techniques will bring out your best performance in a fun and creative atmosphere without pressure or criticism. A wonderful environment for expressing yourself (and all your other selves).
Eileen Mallen-O'Brien

If you want to have fun and do a little excavating, join Wren Ross's Voice Over Class. Finding your authentic voice was never such an adventure. Wren Ross, has honed over her 20 years of teaching and coaching and doing voice-over work, an intricate system where her students have fun while digging deeper into themselves to find the treasure of their authentic voice. If you want to have a great time as well as a creatively productive experience, join Wren's class. Her class is like going to a party--it's amazing what magic she can weave in her classes all to her students' benefit.
Bev King
Actor/Writer/Voice-Over Artist

"I just wanted to pass on my sincere thanks and tip my hat to a great teacher. Since her class, I view things in such a different way. I have learned many things in her class, but none more important than getting in touch with my own inner spirit. For that I am grateful. She gives people a safe and positive environment to learn and to grow.  I consider myself a pretty secure and unnerved person, but when I stood in front of the class and did character voices, my heart sank and my hands trembled. Her encouraging words and "you can do it" cheerleading left me feeling confident and hopeful.  My main goal is to explore the animated area, and she made me feel as if my dreams aren't so far fetched after all.    Any future students she has are so fortunate and I wish I could tell each and everyone of them what gifts she has given me. A huge hug to Wren and a heartfelt thanks!!!"
Crystal Mazzarella

"I really enjoyed the voice over worrkshops.  I found them stimulating and conducive to the creative process."
Jayne Blanchard

"Wren's seminar was enjoyable and answered a lot of questions I had about the voice over industry. I liked the way she approached a difficult subject that doesn't have a lot of easy answers."
Norm Phillips
Management Consultant

"I thoroughly enjoyed the class I took with Wren. I appreciated and
enjoyed her approach of finding a deeper connection in order to make copy work. Looking at it from that perspective and practicing it that way I think is more helpful than trying to implement step by step instructions for all copy. I learned a lot from her class and each class was enjoyable."
Zulma Diaz

"Signing up for voice coaching from Wren Ross was just what I needed. Wren is a warm, caring individual who helped me “find” my voice through her practiced training techniques and professional attention to details. Wren not only helped with my voice, but through her excellent “how-to” training camps you can learn more about the profession through professionals in the voice-talent industry, create your own home studio, “Booth-Camp” as well as a multitude of other highly effective training sessions. Do yourself and your career a favor and sign up for one of Wren’s amazing classes!"
Stephen Rydberg

"When it comes to coaching others on how to use their voices effectively, in narration, commercials or simply in public speaking situations, Wren is a natural teacher and coach. Her warm personality and deep knowledge of vocal techniques make her a delight to work with. What's more, her ability to create a safe and welcoming environment for the learning of vocal skills will put you at ease, while enabling you to hone your craft and take your vocal performances to new levels."
Rick Koonce
Consultant and Voice Actor

"I wanted to thank Wren for offering such a wonderful "Maintaining Vocal Health Workshop".  She did such an excellent job pulling together all the different aspects of maintaining  a healthy voice in her usual creative and informative way.  It was fun to work with the group.  I enjoyed the Alexander Technique session and all the excellent tips Wren provided about food, posture, articulation and placement.  I learned a lot and am trying to put it into practice."
Julia Lipman
Voice Over Artist

"When you work with Wren to create a demo, it's all about you. One-on-one coaching, identifying your best sounds -- and eventually capturing them in a private recording session with some of the best engineers in the region. The next thing you know, she's off working behind the scenes to make the final product -- your demo -- an A-plus quality marketing tool."
Debbi Ford

"What a fabulous time I had working with Wren on my CD. I thank her so much! I truly do appreciate her expertise, superb coaching, and immense knowledge about the Voice -Over business, her impeccable professionalism; and her ability to make it all wonderfully fun!"
Evelyn Moore
Writer and Voice Over Actor

"Before I took Wren's Audition Class, I had been to dozens of auditions and had no paying gigs to show for it. I know this sounds unbelievable, but within 2 months of taking Wren's class, I was cast for four gigs including a national commercial. 

Financially, I made back the money I spent on the class many times over. More importantly, Wren has helped me learn how to have a great time in auditions and then forget all about them. Thank you Wren!"
Bryan Gould
Acting and Voice Over

"I highly recommend Wren's Audition Preparation Workshop to anyone in voiceover. Over the course of the workshop you could feel the personal growth of every student. Despite our diverse backgrounds and experience, we gelled as a group and walked away with a better sense of and preparedness for voiceover auditions."
Chris Vallancourt, Voiceover Artist

Twitter: @vallancourt

"Wren's class was both motivating and inspiring. I heard myself and others walk up to the microphone and READ our scripts but after she tweaked us we all left having a CONVERSATION with it.

Auditions have always been pretty scary and stressful to me but when Wren said don't go to one aiming to get the role, do it for the experience - I had an "Aha" moment. For the first time a few days ago I went to an audition thinking ok, I'll just go to see all the other actors, meet the casting director and have fun playing make believe with the script. And I did it, enjoyed the experience and for the first time the client even said "Great read" instead of just "Next". I haven't heard anything back from the audition, but I feel like I'm on my way and have the tools in my back pocket to get there. Thanks Wren"
Genevieve Gates Rossi

"One theme that is constant in all of Wren’s classes is that doing voice overs should be FUN.  Amazingly she has found a way to incorporate that into the sometimes stressful experience of auditioning.  Her multi-day Audition Prep workshop teaches how to prepare for an audition, what to anticipate, and how to avoid missteps in the process.  There’s lots of interaction with your classmates…a great way to connect with fellow aspiring and established voice over talents.  The final session includes a panel of several producers who critique the performance of each workshop participant.  Sign-up early for this when it’s offered, because it fills up quickly!"
Jeff Marley
Radio Talk Show Host

"Wren's Home Studio Seminar was truly outstanding. It covered numerous key areas of setting up a personal voiceover recording studio, from hardware options and editing software to mic techniques and sound engineer's tricks-of-the-trade. We even had a chance to record and edit a few lines of our own under the guidance of studio pros. And, as usual, Wren offers some amazing tricks of her own while assuring there's never a dull moment. If you're even thinking about setting up a home studio, be sure not to miss this one."
Peter Jacobs
Freelance Business Writer

"Wren's Home Studio Seminar is a must for anyone planning to do voice overs at home. Similar to Wren's other VO classes, students get access to professionals who are more than willing to answer any question to help you get your home studio (and VO business) up and running. Since I took the class, I purchased top-of-the-line equipment from Parsons and now have several clients who request that I do my VOs from home to save everyone time and money. My home studio also enables me to record and edit audition tracks at a moment's notice which has helped me win more than a few gigs."
Bryan Gould
Actor and Voice Over Talent

"It’s a fact…home-based studios are quickly becoming the norm, rather than the exception for voice over professionals.  The Home Studio Seminar is a must for those interested in a comprehensive introduction to this important aspect of the profession.  Wren secured the services of a top-notch audio engineer who let every member of the class engage in hands-on experience with the equipment used in a home studio environment.  Best of all, no question from students went unanswered!  This seminar is another ‘home run’ from the talented Ms. Ross – well worth the price!"
Jeff Marley
Radio Talk Show Host

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