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Wren has over twenty years of commercial and narrative voice over experience.

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Private Coaching - Wren Ross

Private Coaching Sessions

Working one-on-one with Wren is an excellent way to prepare for the creation of your Voice Over Demo!

NEW: Online Coaching! Do you live too far for an in-person session? Now you can benefit from face-to-face coaching with Wren from the comfort of your home, office or home studio while having a video conference with her on Zoom! Request a Zoom session today!

Call Wren to schedule a private consultation at 617-924-7464 or email jeanne@wrenross.com

"Wren Ross is as gifted a voiceover coach as she is a voiceover artist. And that's saying something! You can't be shy in front of the microphones. She shows you how to become the character and how to blow your inhibitions through the ceiling. The lessons I've learned in my sessions with Wren have served me well in many areas of my career. Expect a big return on investment with Wren. Simply put, she's great."
- Mark Wile, Voice & Voiceover Producer, Worth Wile Productions

"Wren Ross exhibits all the qualities of both a great teacher and someone who brings out the best in other people: inspirational, challenging, empowering, positive, compassionate, generous, empathetic, and engaging. She gives due recognition and focuses on a person’s strengths while creating a safe environment for learning and exploration, and fosters a sense of community among the people she works with. Wren is a consummate professional who focuses on bringing out the best in her students. I think the following quote really sums up what it’s like to work with Wren –
'Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher' – Japanese Proverb"
- Andy Hupprich, Voice Actor

"Wren's excellent demo prep workshop really gave me an understanding as to the process of moving forward into the voice over industry. It was an incredible, safe, fun, informational, and growing experience! Wren is a gracious, empathetic, and inspiring person to learn from. I was really excited when I came home because I felt interested and energized to start myself on this journey. It has always been a dream of mine to use my voice in my career. I am thankful for all I have learned from Wren."
- Krista Veenema, Teacher

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Pay for private coaching using PayPal! - $170


Two-fer Coaching

The key to Voice Over Acting is Relationship. It’s all about making a relationship with the listener and the other actors/characters in the scene. Wren has created a new coaching format to develop your ability to make dynamic acting relationships and play off the impulses other the actors. You’ll also learn how to interact with the audience’s imagination. This is a fun and economical way to learn essential voice over skills and prepare for the recording of your voice over demo.

You may work with one other partner for an hour or two hours (each person must commit to working together for the same amount of time).

Each person will have time to practice their copy with Wren’s insightful coaching as well as support and learn from each other’s work.

It is also a fantastic opportunity to work on dialogue scripts as well as explore the conversation in each piece of copy. Your work will become more dynamic and authentic.

How It Works:
Just request a “Two-fer Coaching ” session and we will send the next available hours. We will pair you with one other person for the session. Or if you already have a partner that you want to with, just let us know and we will find time for your group.

Fee Structure:
Here are secure PayPal links if you wish to pay with a credit card
(We don't take credit cards over the phone):

Two people for one hour: $90 each

On receipt of payment, we will confirm a solid appointment. Please pay at least 4 days in advance of appointment in order to insure the session. We will send you confirmation with directions and Wren will send over some suggestions for what to prepare for your session.

If you wish to mail the check please send the fee by US Mail:
Wren Ross
464 Common Street, #363
Belmont, MA 02478

For more information please
Call 617-924-SING (7464) or
Email: wren@wrenross.com


Phone Sessions Available


"Wren helps you find your voice in a safe, supportive and fun atmosphere. Her widely acclaimed coaching encourages believable, spontaneous and dynamic voice-over performance. Wren helps you to develop the freedom, confidence and skills for: analyzing and reading all kinds of copy, making specific acting choices, using microphones, working with engineers and producers, speech improvement, communication and vocal intimacy, split-second timing and more. "Learning how to do this convincingly (voice-overs and narration) is what Wren Ross' workshops are all about, and it's fun! The friendly atmosphere, the chance to really experiment and rock out, makes the students sound more plummy and professional."
Mopsy Strange Kennedy, IMPROPER BOSTONIAN

"The word alchemy comes to mind when I think of my experiences in Wren's classes. Her exercises feel almost magical in the way they unearth an inner you, the you that listeners will be able relate to. And to get you there, she quickly and accurately assesses each student's needs, pulling out of her hat just the right exercise for them. The exercises are fresh, unpredictable, and sometimes funny (and that's how you may feel about yourself, too!). It didn't feel like she was getting you to 'act'. Rather, you will learn how the voice can often cast a warm, congenial spell. You will surprise and maybe even amaze yourself."
- Kathy Zerlin

"Wren is the best! From her years of acting and voiceover experience, Wren teaches you how to read and interpret copy. She develops your timing, diction, and emotional delivery. Wren helps you find your voice and teaches you how to make a connection with the copy and thus the listener. I highly recommend Wren's classes to anyone interested in pursuing a career in Voiceovers. Wren creates a comfortable and safe environment in which to hone your voiceover skills. After taking one of her classes, you'll be ready to record your demo, audition, and win voiceover jobs! "
- Sean Teare, Voiceover Artist

"I see Wren as an "actor's actor" and so very generous with all she shares with her students. I thank Wren for sharing her talents, her thoughts and ideas on life, and technique. I left each class feeling very inspired and grateful to have had the chance to study with her. Over the years I have heard such wonderful things about Wren, and it is easy to see why!"
- Lily Allen, Actress

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Wren Ross has recorded countless spots for radio and TV, corporate and educational projects, as well as voice mail for numerous Fortune 500 companies and award winning animation and games.

Her voice has been heard in many museum and planetarium exhibits. Among her TV voice-over credits are NOVA, Prelude to Kosovo, The Secret of Life, People's Century, and the PBS special Celebration of the American Family. She narrated the documentary Speaking the Unspeakable: The Art of Samuel Bak. One of Wren's favorite jobs was narrating the documentary, She Lives to Ride, a film about female motorcyclists.


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