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Your Voice Over demo is the most vital tool to insure success as a voice over artist.

If it is your first demo, you only get one chance to make a great first impression. You want it to be a terrific ambassador of your talent and skill. Make your voice-over demo a first-class, professional, unique and excellent reflection of your talent with Wren’s private coaching and demo production!

  • Wren has been in the business for over twenty-five years and has an ear for what is working on the market. She will help pick copy that reflects your unique voice, as well as help you identify your “niche”
  • Whether you are a beginner or someone familiar with voice-over work, her widely acclaimed coaching encourages believable, spontaneous and dynamic voice-over performance.
  • Wren works with extraordinary engineers and editors at top-notch recording facilities
  • Wren gives you practical and creative methods to practice your copy and hone your skills.
  • Wren helps you develop original ideas for your marketing materials, map out marketing strategies and generate contact lists.

Wren's private demo coaching delivers results. Hear for yourself!

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What people who made demos with Wren say:

"Wren combines an artistic sensibility and business savvy. She helped me understand the strengths of my voice, and to find a way to connect with a wide range of copy. Throughout the process, Wren was preparing not only to produce a one and done demo, but to develop a career."
-Chris Vallancourt, Voiceover Artist

Twitter: @vallancourt

"Wren Ross was an indispensable resource at the start of my voiceover career. Her instruction and demo production helped me hit the ground running in the New York market, and were instrumental in landing my first agent."
-Chris Flockton, Voice Over Talent

"Wren, thanks for the encouragement…as I mentioned, I thought it very interesting that one of my recent jobs came directly from a prospective client listening to my demos on Voices123, and only inviting me to audition for his Industrial Video. Then to take it one step further, he specifically selected one of the "individual cuts" on my Medical demo and requested that he wanted that same particular vocal style for his project. Overall, I can't begin to tell you how much positive feedback I've received from my demos. Thanks again for all your coaching, directorial and production efforts!"
-Jerold Fleishman, Voice Over Talent

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Wren to create my voice over demo. Wren's expert ability to quickly and accurately assess how to bring out the best in her students is truly amazing. Every coaching session was informative, helpful, inspiring and lots of fun. Wren taught me how to become the character, empathize with the listener and be creative with my voice. The most important thing I learned from Wren was how to understand and deliver the subtext of a script. I am thankful for everything I have learned from Wren and for the wonderful demo she produced for me. Thank you, Wren!"
-Julia Lipman, Voice Over Talent/Attorney

"Wren is a teacher among teachers. Her fun 'bag of tricks,' are invaluable to evolving acting technique. Wren's powers of perception, script analysis and generosity are unparalleled. Her direction to not only 'be yourself,' but insistence on why it's the brilliant acting choice has resulted in more bookings. Many thanks!"
-Liz Solar, Voice Over Artist

"Wren Ross has an amazing ability to coax the best performance out of you in a nurturing, supportive environment that fosters your creativity and builds your self-confidence without bruising your ego. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been in the business a while and you’re just looking to hone your skills, Wren’s combination of professional experience, current industry knowledge, and great creative methodologies make her an indispensable resource that you should definitely tap into if you’re looking to further your voice acting career."
-Andy Hupprich, Voice Actor

"Signing up for voice coaching from Wren Ross was just what I needed. Wren is a warm, caring individual who helped me “find” my voice through her practiced training techniques and professional attention to details. Wren not only helped with my voice, but through her excellent “how-to” training camps you can learn more about the profession through professionals in the voice-talent industry, create your own home studio, “Booth-Camp” as well as a multitude of other highly effective training sessions. Do yourself and your career a favor and sign up for one of Wren’s amazing classes!"
-Stephen Rydberg

"From voice over coach to producer and director in the studio! The same thoughtful attention and direction I received from Wren in my private coaching sessions was there while recording my demo. Her experience and committment to excellence was evident as we moved from one script to the next. As a result, I knew that my work was the absolute best it could be! Have I mentioned the fun we had? Just wait until you learn about her secret techniques for warming up! Bottom line, I love my demo and I'm getting work!"
-Andrew Penziner - Voice Over, Writer/Producer/Director. www.andrewpvo.com

"Through her classes and private coaching, using her unique, fun methods, Wren Ross has helped opened the door to my creativity, my confidence, my personal voice, not just with voice-over work, but also in my singing. Working with different types of copy helped me see the range of work available. Having classes at a recording studio got me more comfortable in the booth. But Wren's spot-on critique, wise suggestions, and gentle encouragement, are how I became able to easily create authentic, natural sounding reads. I love how my demo CD turned out!  I highly recommend Wren's classes and coaching for anyone who wants to get serious about (but still have tons of fun with) voice-overs."
-Jill Goldman, Voice Over Artist


"Although I had already done some narration work, after I started working with Wren, I realized that I could be so much better as a narrator. Wren helped me find a much more authentic voice, and a much deeper connection to my listener. I’m extremely happy with the way my demo turned out, and I feel a new confidence as I begin looking for work. Plus the entire process was unexpectedly delightful!"
-Jill Singer, Voice Over Actor & Producer, Chedd-Angier-Lewis Productions

"Working with Wren has truly been amazing! Wren has a unique way of helping people find new levels in their performances... She creates a safe and open environment that allows performers to grow and fine-tune their skills in ways that far exceed expectations. Wren has not only helped me to improve my skills and increase my confidence, but most importantly, she has reminded me how much fun the work can be! Thanks Wren!"
-Jenn Shea, Actor

"When you work with Wren to create a demo, it's all about you. One-on-one coaching, identifying your best sounds -- and eventually capturing them in a private recording session with some of the best engineers in the region. The next thing you know, she's off working behind the scenes to make the final product -- your demo -- an A-plus quality marketing tool."
-Debbi Ford, Public Relations Consultant

"Wren is the best! From her years of acting and voiceover experience, Wren teaches you how to read and interpret copy. She develops your timing, diction, and emotional delivery. Wren helps you find your voice and teaches you how to make a connection with the copy and thus the listener. I highly recommend Wren's classes to anyone interested in pursuing a career in Voiceovers. Wren creates a comfortable and safe environment in which to hone your voiceover skills. After taking one of her classes, you'll be ready to record your demo, audition, and win voiceover jobs! "
-Sean Teare, Voiceover Artist. www.seanteare.com

"What a fabulous time I had working with Wren on my CD. I thank her so much! I truly do appreciate her expertise, superb coaching, and immense knowledge about the Voice -Over business, her impeccable professionalism; and her ability to make it all wonderfully fun!"
-Evelyn Moore, Teacher, Writer and Voice Over Actor

"Wren's excellent demo prep workshop really gave me an understanding as to the process of moving forward into the voice over industry. It was an incredible, safe, fun, informational, and growing experience! Wren is a gracious, empathetic, and inspiring person to learn from. I was really excited when I came home because I felt interested and energized to start myself on this journey. It has always been a dream of mine to use my voice in my career. I am thankful for all I have learned from Wren."
-Krista Veenema, Teacher

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