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Public Speaking Coaching

Wren helps you find your unique vocal presence so that your public speaking will be vibrant, effective and memorable.

Thirty years experience as a professional actor, singer, speaker, and teacher provide her with the tools to help you find more confidence, spontanaety, richer resonance, better projection, dynamic phrasing, polish and clearer articulation.

Wren believes that people do their best work when they are having fun, so she creates sessions that are supportive, enjoyable and tailored to meet your individual needs.

"Athletes work out, actors rehearse - what do reporters and anchors do to work on their craft... it's one thing to read the papers and follow the news, but Wren helped me tap into the heart of what we do - we connect people to people - we are messengers. We are part of the fabric linking a community. And in helping me find the purpose she helped me find my voice. THAT IS WHAT WREN DOES: she isn't just a voice-coach she is a YOUR-voice coach. She will work with you to discover what makes you tick, what your goals are, and help you become the most honest, grounded, true to yourself performer or communicator you can possibly be. Working with Wren helped me find MY voice - my unique and true self, and once that happened I could truly feel what I was reading again. She helped me block out all the extraneous stuff, the teleprompter, the lights, and hone right into the actual story - the people - the emotion. It's almost magic - what she does. I would suggest her to anyone and everyone who uses words and voice to communicate a story or information, or anyone who simply wants to get in better touch with themselves. I left our sessions feeling refreshed and reenergized. She provided tools that can be tapped into long after the sessions are over - exercises I pass on to others in my field, that work every time. Wren, thank you."
Sorboni Banerjee
Anchor, Channel 7, WHDH TV

"When it comes to coaching others on how to use their voices effectively, in narration, commercials or simply in public speaking situations, Wren is a natural teacher and coach. Her warm personality and deep knowledge of vocal techniques make her a delight to work with. What's more, her ability to create a safe and welcoming environment for the learning of vocal skills will put you at ease, while enabling you to hone your craft and take your vocal performances to new levels."
Rick Koonce
Coach, Consultant and Voice Actor

You definitely "grow" and stretch your abilities as she gets you to think "outside" of the box, so when you venture into the business of voice-over, you're prepared for the unexpected! A delightful experience."
Linda J. Paquin, Executive Administrative Assistant

Wren gets wonderful results from her students with her combination of knowledge, smarts, warmth and humor. She creates a safe place to open up and explore what you want to and can do. I have not sang in public for years and struggled with stage fright. Within a few classes I was on fire with confidence and back onstage, and I credit the course for this breakthrough.

I also think that people who need to speak publicly in their careers and want to create better presentations would benefit from Wren's class. It is supportive, confidenc building and fun, with applications far beyond pure voice-over work.
Jeff Onore, Executive Recruiter

I really enjoyed the "Find Your Authentic Voice" class, and have lots to integrate from the experience. Wren is a fabulous teacher and her encouragement as well as warmth made me feel safe.
Doris Ferrer Roach, Esq.
Coach, Facilitator, Courage Specialist

I really enjoyed Wren's workshop. It gave me new awareness of my voice as well as other people’s voices. Wren also introduced us to tools to access the awareness. Her teaching style is lively and caring. I liked all the student participants as well.
Dushyant J. Shah, Financial Planner



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