Wren Ross    617-924-SING

"...a strong voice and sure stage presence."
-Boston globe

“Wren’s songs were enthusi- astically received by thousands of New Yorkers in attendance. She combines it all-
a beautiful voice, clever and witty lyrics and she is a wonderful KNITTER!”
-Mary Colucci- Executive Director
Craft Yarn Council of America
And the coordinator of the New York Knit-Out

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Pictures from Boston's Knit-Out 2004...*

Wren sings her "Greatest Knits" at the 2004 Boston Knit-Out

Wren is filmed for Boston's popular show, Chronicle

Knit, knit, as fast as you can....
Atendees of the Knit-Out participate in the Knitting Contest.
Hopefully, they won't get yarn burn!

Knit anxiously awaits her chance to model her creation

Wren models her beautiful coat to her adoring audience!

"No really, I am wearing clothes under the coat..."
Wren models her coat for more Knit-Out fans.

"I'm ready for my closeup!"
Wren give us one last glimpse of her coat and check out that matching purse!!!

*All photos Copyright - Daena Giardella

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