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Wren is a warm and versatile singer who makes each song an event.

What Audiences and the Media Say

Reviews of Wren Ross' Performances

"...a strong voice and sure stage presence."
Kevin Kelly

"...true and stirring..."
Elliot Norton

"...Ross, always an interesting player..."
"...stunning Tour de Force..."
Ellen Cantarow

"Ross gives the most consistently compelling performance..."
Thor Eckert

"Wren is very special. I'm sure we'll be hearing more from her."
Ron Della Chiesa
WGBH FM 89.7

"...a beautiful creation. It is unexpected and surprising to take a folk song approach to what are torch songs. The result is so unusual that it not only takes you by surprise, but makes you listen to the songs in a new way. A lovely voice; gentle, sweet, charming, winning, enticing."
Author of bestselling
book, "Audition" and
former Casting Director for
David Merrick, Bob Fosse,
Jerome Robbins, and Peter Brook

"Wren Ross is a delightful singer with a beautiful voice and warm stage presence"
Natalie Goldberg
Author, Painter and Teacher
-writer of "Writing Down the Bones" and "Wild Mild"

"Laughing on the precipice...a stunning versatile and high energy performance...Giardella and Ross interact in a playful, seamless way with the audience...Don't miss the next performance!"
Phaedra Greenwood

"Opening the ANNE FRANK Exhibition in Albuquerque, NM on Sunday, January 16, 2000, the lovely singing voice of WREN ROSS added something special to a beautiful evening."
Jack Polak
Chairman Emeritus,
Anne Frank Center U.S.A.

"Captivating performance! Wren has a lovely, gentle voice and her songs stir the emotions of everyone in the audience. Touching, powerful, heartwarming!"
Regina Turner
Project Director: Anne Frank in the World: 1929-1945 Exhibit
Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Wren's participation in the (Samuel) Bak tribute was absolutely pivotal to the mood and experience itself. Everyone was deeply touched by her selection and presentation that touched on the life of the artist himself. We are thrilled to know Wren and have her as part of our world."
Bernard and Sue Pucker
Owners, Pucker Gallery, Boston

"Then came Wren's singing and it brought with it wings that transported me to the ghetto of Vilna where I heard Sutskever and Kacherginski's songs rendered in her beautiful voice, articulated in a perfect Yiddish and filled with the emotion they command, these songs moved me beyond words."
Samuel Bak

"Wren Ross brings not only talent, but also understanding and deep feeling to the songs of the ghettos and camps. She adds a welcome freshness to this material, bridging the years that separate us from that tragic time. Her work should appeal to a broad range of audiencesof all ages and backgrounds."
Solon Beinfeld,
Professor Emeritus
Washington University

I especially must dwell upon the second active participant in the unforgettable encounter at the Workmen's Circle. During the entire evening, the lecture was accompanied with song by the magnificent singer Wren Ross. In recent years Wren has devoted herself to the research and performance of the music of the Holocaust. Under Wren's leadership the whole audience ended the evening with Hirsh Glik's Partisan-Hymn "Zog nit Keynmol"
The Yiddish Forward

Responses to "Then and Now"

"Wren's performance was fantastic. I loved it, the audience loved it, and we wanted more. It was an afternoon to remember."
Gert Cohen
Narrator, Women Whose Lives Span the Century

""I didn't want it to end."
Jill Solomon

"The music was beautiful (and sophisticated), covering a number of traditions. I was moved to tears by the performance of the two girls' songs. The conversation with the audience worked beautifully. The show, with excellent accompaniment, left me feeling enriched and complete, and I went out singing."
Karen Sweet
Actress and Singer

"I enjoyed the performance of Then and Now. The storytelling and singing in Hebrew, Jewish, and English, and the dancing were all perfect. It took me back to my childhood when my parents took me to the Jewish theatre."
Anna Reimer
Narrator, Women Whose Lives Span the Century

"An excellent show. I loved the selections of songs. There was lots of energy!"
David Mladinov
Director, Cultural Arts
Levanthal-Sidman Jewish Community Center

"She was stupendous. I told my friend to come and she said, 'No, if you've seen one, you've seen them all.' Well, I'm going back and tell her about how wonderful this show was and she'll have to kill herself!"
Overheard after performance

"It made me cry."
Melissa Wenig
Communications Director
Levanthal-Sidman Jewish Community Center

"I had a lump in my throat."
Jane Feinberg
Producer, WCVB-TV

"Because I lived in Israel for so long, I feel deprived of Wren Ross."
Ida Meshoulam
Narrator, Women Whose Lives Span the Century


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