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Wren is a warm and versatile singer who makes each song an event.

Wren Ross Returns With Unexpected Song

For years you've heard her as the voice of New England Telephone, and in hundreds of other radio and television commercials including the Channel 4 "Free Friday Flicks" spot that aired all last summer. Yet on the first day on spring, when Wren Ross takes wing in "Unexpected Song" — her first of two shows at Club Café — you are likely to feel that you are hearing her voice for the very first time. Indeed, a common audience response to Wren's clear, sumptuous voice is "This woman is incredible!"

But it is not her singing alone that makes her shows unforgettable. Wren combines her glorious voice and acting gifts to embody the unexpected characters hidden in the lyrics and the music. Added to this is a range of music she draws from that few performers can match — classical, jazz, folk, pop, blues, and musical theatre. Whether she is offering us a knock-your-socks-off rendition of "Nel Cor Piu Non Mi Sento," an Italian aria; or inviting us to open up and trust again in "Wall Around Your Heart," Wren Ross creates a seamless experience for her audience that is as fresh as it is intimate, and as authentic and honest as it is often funny, and touching.

"...wonderful...strong voice and sure stage presence." The Boston Globe

"...Ross, always an interesting player."
..."stunning Tour de Force." The Boston Phoenix

"...true and stirring." The Boston Herald

"...a lovely voice: gentle, sweet, charming, winning, enticing." Michael Shurtleff, Los Angeles
[Former casting director for Bob Fosse, David Merrick, and Jerome Robbins]

Get your first spring rush — you know, that thrill you feel when the single call of a bird can make you stop and wonder at the sheer beauty of sound. Join Wren Ross at Club Café March 20th and 27th for "Unexpected Song." It will ring in your ears long after you've gone home.

Wren Ross has been performing in the New York and Boston areas for twenty years. Her recent singing engagements have included the Café Mozart in New York City, and clubs such as the Kendall Café, 1280 Beacon Street, Blacksmith House, and the Lenox Hotel in Boston. This past summer, Wren played to enthusiastic European audiences in Malta and Sicily — where she toured the ancient Greek theatres of Morgantina, Syracuse and Segesta.

Wren was a cast member of Shear Madness (Boston's longest running play) for eleven years, and appeared in major roles at The Charles Playhouse, The Next Move Theatre, and The Boston Repertory Theatre. Her one-woman show, "A Strong Woman Is..." received much acclaim throughout New England. In addition to her various singing and dramatic credits, Wren can be seen and heard in hundreds of broadcast spots. She has worked with such notable personalities as Walter Cronkite, Jason Robards, Mason Adams and Ben Vereen. Her voice can be heard in major museums across the United States, and she has also appeared in several award-winning CD-ROM productions. Among her television voice-over credits are the PBS programs NOVA, The People's Century, and Celebration of the American Family. Wren narrated She Lives to Ride, a feature film about female motorcyclists.

Daena Giardella is an actress, dancer, comedienne, and theatre director. She has created and performed numerous one-woman theatre pieces to wide critical acclaim both locally and abroad. For the last few years, Daena and Wren have stimulated each other's work, exchanging artistic insights; for example, with Daena's most recent show, "PLAY," and with Wren's newest show, "Unexpected Song," which Daena co-directed.

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