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Prelude to Kosovo

Prelude to Kosovo: War and Peace in Bosnia and Croatia (1999; 52 minutes) depicts the bitter civil war in the former Yugoslavia. Shot on location in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia, the documentary combines graphic footage and interviews with religious and political figures.

The film addresses the ideology of "ethnic cleansing" and the massacres resulting from a nationalist quest for political, cultural and religious domination. The Serbian Orthodox, Bosnian Muslim and Croatian Catholic perspectives are all represented. The film features original Balkan music by Alexis Gavras, Vedran Smailovic and Vuk Kulenovic.

The film "challenges some of the conventional wisdom about the recent horrors there and offers some plausible shreds of hope for reconciliation and a brighter future. Michalczyk also has a background in theology, and it is his clear ecumenical spirit and interest in religious history that animates this informative and worthy film."
-John Koch, The Boston Globe

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