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Wren has over twenty years of commercial and narrative voice over experience.

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What Producers Say About Wren Ross

"Wren Ross is a terrific comedic actress/singer with oodles of talent...Wren has incredible range. She's a real pro who always gives you 110%...truly captivating. She has a beautiful voice and great comedic timing and skill."
Roger Lyons, Award-Winning Producer

As a writer and director, what I look for in talent is intelligence, originality, nuance and finesse. That's what Wren teaches, with exuberance, kindness, wit, and the astuteness that comes from years of both acting and instructing. She's the best, and her students prove it."
Kat Tatlock, Kat Tatlock Productions

"Wren is my Go-To narrator and always brings fresh ideas to every session."
Bob Pascarella, Producer & Director

"Wren is a performer par excellence. Her voice is like a finely tuned instrument, and her work is music to my client's ears!"

"Wren is a consummate professional with extensive experience as a screen actor and a voice actor. She brings that experience into her unique teaching style, offering students a master class in acting. Best of all, Wren is at the forefront of creating new talent choices for the Boston market that keep this area viable and sustainable."
Barry Ouellette, Barry Ouelette Productions

"Wren made my script sing as always."
Tom Morse, Woodbury and Morse

"I've worked with Wren for years on various corporate gigs that include on-camera and studio voiceover work. She's one of the most versatile and talented actors I've ever worked with."
Leslie Jonas, Producer

"Terrapin Associates works with many talented professionals in the video production community and Wren Ross is one of the best. She is always prepared and takes creative direction well. Our clients love her as a tradeshow spokesperson as she has great rapport with the audience. Wren is a joy to work with."
Jo Ann Stawarsky, Producer, Terrapin Associates, Inc.

"Wren Ross is a competent professional and a delight to work with. Her presentation versatility and breadth of delivery make it easy to precisely match particular client requirements. In addition, her focus on meeting client needs — in addition to meeting her own extremely high standards — are a rare and winning combination. We look forward to working with her again in the near future!"
Carol Wright, President, Brown, Wright & Company

"Wren has a fantastic acting range accompanied by a strong and lovely voice. I can count on her for everything from announcer reads to comedy. We need to fit the whole thing in 3 seconds? She nails it. Not only is she extremely talented but she's also prompt, reliable, a real pro, a terrific knitter, and a very, very nice person."
Becky Malloy, Hill Holliday Connors Cosmopulos

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Contact Wren Ross by phone at 617-924-SING (7464) or email: wren@wrenross.com
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