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Wren has over twenty years of commercial and narrative voice over experience.

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Voice Over Workshops - Wren Ross

All those voices deep within you... crying to be heard! On film, video, radio, multimedia, voice-mail, television!

Wren's workshops get results! Hear for yourself and visit the Gallery of Student Work.

Check out photo galleries from a Booth Camp Workshop and a Creating Characters Workshop!

The Art of the Monologue Clinic

Three Monday Nights + Twofer*
December 4, 11, and 18 - 6:30pm - 9:30pm
First Parish Church in Waltham

Most Casting Directors advise serious actors to have at least 5-10 monologues ready to perform at all times...

Whether you want to create memorable audition pieces, pursue your dream of creating a one-person show, or just experience the sheer delight of character discovery, come to the special 3 week Monologue Clinic with Wren and relish the creative process. Monologues are "the scales" of acting and a great way to practice your craft. Every actor should have a variety of pieces in their tool kit to show off their range and skills. Wren will help you pick pieces that best showcase your unique talent to make each audition dynamic, authentic, polished and fun to do (and watch!).

*Includes 1 Twofer coaching session with Wren! (to learn more about twofers, click here and scroll down to "Two-fer Coaching.")

For more information, fees and registration please
Call 617-924-SING (7464) or
Email: wren@wrenross.com

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The Art of Speaking Poetry (New Date)

Wednesday, December 6 - 6pm - 9pm
Soundtrack Recording Studio in Boston

When asked how they achieved excellence in their craft, many top voice artists said:
They practiced reading poems.

Give yourself a gift that will bring your voice acting to another level.

Experience the exquisite joy of communicating language that is beautiful, personal, and meaningful to YOU.
Record your favorite poem at SOUNDTRACK RECORDING STUDIO!

Wren will coach you to find your most authentic and engaging performance and then, with one of the best editors in Boston, will edit your poem adding music and sound effects to create a special sound file that you may put on your website, post on social media or give to those you care about. If you don't have a favorite passage or poem, Wren will help you pick one.

Enjoy this sample POETRY GIFT: "THE JOURNEY," A POEM BY MARY OLIVER read by Wren Ross

For more information, fees and registration please
Call 617-924-SING (7464) or
Email: wren@wrenross.com

You can also pay for the class using PayPal by clicking on the "Buy Now" button below...



This Holiday Season, are you wondering what to buy the people in your life who have all the material things they need? Would you like to give that special someone a gift that's more personal and meaningful?
Then consider giving the gift of voice to someone you love!

The New Year is fast upon us, and it is a time when many people reevaluate their life goals and contemplate career changes. Do you know someone who has a great voice? Has that person ever considered a career in voice over, but doesn't know where to start? Or are they in a transition when finding their new voice might be helpful. By giving someone you love a gift certificate for voice over with Wren Ross, you can help them achieve their dreams of reinventing themselves.

Voice Over gift certificates may be applied:
* To cover the cost of one private coaching session with Wren
* Toward the cost of one of Wren's popular Voice Over Workshops

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Have You Taken Advantage of Wren's Private Coaching?

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Wren Ross has recorded countless spots for radio and TV, corporate and educational projects, as well as voice mail for numerous Fortune 500 companies and award winning animation and games.

Her voice has been heard in many museum and planetarium exhibits. Among her TV voice-over credits are NOVA, Prelude to Kosovo, The Secret of Life, People's Century, and the PBS special Celebration of the American Family. She narrated the documentary Speaking the Unspeakable: The Art of Samuel Bak. One of Wren's favorite jobs was narrating the documentary, She Lives to Ride, a film about female motorcyclists.


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